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Our Companies

Crevisse In-company Ventures

Crevisse In-company Ventures are independent entities incubated inside Crevisse Partners and spun off from the company. Five In-company ventures and one R&D Center are currently under operation and they collaborate to create synergy for innovation.

Our Division

AREABusiness Strategy and Management


Powerhouse is Crevisse Partners’ Business Management Headquarters that manage in-company ventures and affiliate companies and execute activities to increase the group’s value. It consists of CO (Corporate Operations Office) that manages finance and HR resources, CD (Corporate Development Office) that set up strategies and make decisions on input resources to value-up the company and CR(Corporate Relations Office) that build brand and retain opportunities. Powerhouse support companies that challenge areas with market failures. Its mission is to make contributions to the establishment, strengthening, and expansion of the “Impact Ecosystem” through Impact Ventures and to solve social problems so that the next generation can dream and challenge the world with new