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Crevisse In-company Ventures

Crevisse In-company Ventures are independent entities incubated inside Crevisse Partners and spun off from the company. Five In-company ventures and one R&D Center are currently under operation and they collaborate to create synergy for innovation.

Our Division

AREABusiness Strategy and Management


Powerhouse is Crevisse Partners’ Business Management Headquarters that manage in-company ventures and affiliate companies and execute activities to increase the group’s value. It consists of CO (Corporate Operations Office) that manages finance and HR resources, CD (Corporate Development Office) that set up strategies and make decisions on input resources to value-up the company and CR(Corporate Relations Office) that build brand and retain opportunities. Powerhouse support companies that challenge areas with market failures. Its mission is to make contributions to the establishment, strengthening, and expansion of the “Impact Ecosystem” through Impact Ventures and to solve social problems so that the next generation can dream and challenge the world with new methods to make it a better place to live in.

AREAInvestment /


Crevisse Ventures is Crevisse Partners’ Impact Investment and Acceleration Headquarters that manage Crevisse Partners’ portfolio. It consists of the Venture Investment Office that finds investment opportunities and invests in them, and the Venture Acceleration Office which accelerates the companies. Crevisse Ventures operates an Impact Venture Fund worth $20 million and cooperates with public and financial organizations such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government, NH Bank and KOICA to run different kinds of acceleration programs. Crevisse Venture’s mission is to support companies that tackle the four major social problems defined by itself (urban communities, climate and energy, education and welfare, jobs and economic growth) to grow systematically. Crevisse Venture’s ultimate goal is to establish bridgeheads through innovative technology and business to make a world a better place.

AREATechnology & Business


Brictoworks is the Technological Product Business division with a goal to make and provide the ‘Building Blocks (Bricks)’ for various organizations to help them create impact. The company is currently contributing to business operations, sales, and marketing as a whole to develop Korea’s largest SaaS fundraising solution, Donus. Brictoworks’ mission is to accomplish Crevisse Partners’ strategy “From Brand to Technology’ and lead the organizations to make an innovation in the world through technology developed by Brictoworks.

AREAAdvertisement, Promotion & Marketing


Inspire/d is Crevisse Partners’ Advertisement・PR・Marketing Headquarters that help impact business brands make themselves known to the world through creative services. The company consists of the Creative Strategy Team in which plans and sets up the creatives and the Design Team that realizes the creatives. Inspire/d co-worked with various companies on different projects to achieve marketing performance, receive multiple design awards, and succeed in crowdfunding. The company is also playing a role as a ‘Professional Training Division’ by training professionals capable of making results in other in-company ventures. Inspire/d’s mission is to develop commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations and startup brands to help organizations create impact and to go further and change people’s thoughts and actions in a positive way through the organizations’ brand power.